Chapters On The Barbaric Body

by Mira Hirtz

third: suspicious body

Choreography by Mira Hirtz
Performers: Carola Lingelbach (voice) and Mira Hirtz
10.6.2016 in conjunction with the exhibition: ‹We Refugees – On the Right to Have Rights›, 22.04.–12.06.2016 in Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe

A suspicious body lives everywhere, where an incalculability of action and identity is perceived as a danger. A suspicious body wears the most different clothing and speaks a foreign language, evading its logic. The performance “suspicious body” is a dialogue attempt: using movement, skin, prostheses and using voice and words, it approaches the suspicious body. Where does a compulsion to change become evident, where a pleasure in what is alien to identity? The performers investigate how images become explicit, stigmatizations obscene, and associations suspicious – and whether a sensual revaluing of values can take place.

Special thanks to the team of Badischer Kunstverein, Klemens Czurda for camera, Annika Gutsche for photography; Michael Rybakov for documentation and Mona Altmann and Johanna Ziebtritzki for their critical minds.

second: pervert conversation

choreography by Mira Hirtz
in collaboration with Carola Lingelbach, Moritz und Michael Rybakov
17.4.2016 in the frame of transmission art festival ( in Orgelfabrik Durlach

special thanks toKarolina Sobel un das Team des transmission art festival
to Michael Rybakov for camera, to Johanna Ziebritzki and Mona Altmann for their critical minds and to Sophie Lichtenberg and Matratzenfabrik Karlsruhe for sponsoring material

soma somasomasie und er, sie stopfenbauenspringen
küssenleckensingensie und er, sie sindwerdenwaren
wollensollenbarbarbarensie nnlich und er regt
oder anders herum
und gleichzeitig bewegt
soma soma sum sumsoma
somasome her and he, they stuffbuiltjump
kisslickbumbher and he, they willwereare wantshouldbarbar
sensu her ly and gentl he
in upsidedown groove
they simultaneously move
soma soma smooth



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improvised performance during Open House Day ZKM, 06/01/2016
with: Lena Loy, Mira Hirtz, Andreas Rama, Michael Rybakov, Tobias Wieland
photo by Fidelis Fuchs

Mira Hirtz is an art theorist and performer based in Karlsruhe, Germany. She studied art theory and choreography at HfG Karlsruhe and HZT Berlin