papa pacini

by papa pacini

recorded live on January 15th 2014 at Studio 351 Karlsruhe, Part A:
This is a live recording. Click play. Turn your speakers up.


The rustling digital sound you hear consists of waves. Imagine that they form a vibrating sculpture throughout the space. Imagine: what has happened in the performance has a very haptic dimension. 

Papa Pacini prepares loudspeakers without casing. Simple electronic circuits cause the membranes to vibrate. These membranes are then manipulated with the fingers and other materials, like elastic bands or plastic cups, in order to cause harmonic variations. 

The fingers touch the membranes, and as such use the speakers and the materials as instruments. Even though the witnesses of the performance recognize the materiality of these instruments as a familiar object-hood, they are not the intended objects of this performance. They are the means, formed in order to sculpt the intended object: an immaterial sound object. 

papa pacini live on January 17th 2015 at WEWerk, Freiburg
Photographer: Marc Doradzillo

papa pacini are Frank Bierlein, Lukas Fuetterer, Andreas Goralczyk, and Moph Zielke. They started papa pacini  in 2011.